The Properties of On-Demand Mobility Services

We gotta hand it to you, the mobility companies that provide on-demand services for people transportation and goods delivery. You are formulating new angles each day for scaling back worldwide transportation concerns regarding congestion, emissions, and safety.

However, you still have challenges to dissect. The mobility segment is becoming both wide and broad, and sometimes it’s hard to draw a line that connects all the nuances and unforeseen challenges.

Case in point: you know squarely where your responsibilities lie for managing your fleet vehicles:

  • Operating expenses, including fuel, maintenance, tolls and parking
  • Condition and safety records of the vehicles
  • Your employees’ safety records and driver training

But how do those responsibilities converge with company risk? You have commercial insurance for your business, but the nature of how your mobility services are delivered is pretty complex. In some cases, your employees are using their personal vehicles to provide transportation for others. Or it could be that customers are driving your vehicles out on their own.

Sometimes it’s a blurry line between where your company is liable for vehicle accidents and resulting injuries, where the employee’s insurance covers their personal vehicle, and where a customer’s personal insurance covers themselves.

Covering all angles

Holman Insurance Services can help you implement proper coverage for both company-owned and employee-owned vehicles as well as both employee and consumer drivers. Our solutions intersect the expertise of our commercial and consumer insurance specialists to center on the blended needs of both platforms. We can help you assess vehicle demand, determine how many vehicles you need to meet customer needs, and broker the proper insurance coverage to protect you company, employees and customers.

With ARI’s vehicle tracking technology, you can identify idle or underutilized company-owned vehicles and address them accordingly to reduce insurance costs. For active vehicles, we will help you know where they are at all times and how they are being operated. If a consumer driver is not congruent with contractual operating guidelines, you can safety disable the vehicle.

And with the supplemental knowledge and experience of ARI’s fleet management specialists, you will have access to best practices recommendations for controlling costs and increasing efficiencies for your company-owned vehicles, including:

  • Replacement cycling
  • Ordering and used vehicle sales
  • Finance and leasing
  • Registrations and renewals
  • Fuel and maintenance management
  • Tolls and violations management

These are examples of how mobility services companies are achieving optimized productivity and cost control for their companies through the right equation of insurance and vehicle management tools:

  • Managing consumer-owned vehicles for short-term rental outside of the owner’s personal use.
  • Optimizing services that allow personal vehicle owners to offer delivery services from malls to customers.
  • Facilitating vehicle subscription services for auto dealership groups.

If you are looking for guidance in the area of liability coverage for your on-demand mobility services, Holman Insurance Services and ARI can help. Our specialists have expertise in both consumer and commercial business platforms, giving us a comprehensive perspective for addressing your unique insurance need for ride hauling, last-mile delivery, or ride sharing services.

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