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How is Holman Insurance Services different from other insurance firms?

Holman Insurance Services currently has over 100 different carriers in our business portfolio. We take the time to talk with our clients to see exactly what insurance carrier will best fit their needs. We act as an insurance advocate. Clients don’t need to look up carriers or compare pricing. We do all that for them and explain our recommendations so they can walk away knowing they have the proper coverage.

How do you service policies and what is your claims support?

All service and claims support is done directly through Holman Insurance Services. We serve as your insurance advocate no matter which carrier you may have your insurance through. We handle all services for our clients from answering general questions to scheduling appointments.

How many support staff do you have?

We currently have three locations staffed with customer service representatives to help service our clients’ needs and we continue to expand to provide the best service to our customers. It is important to us that clients be able to reach an agent quickly for exceptional customer service.

What products do you offer?

Holman Insurance Services offers a full line of personal and commercial insurance, and a full line of financial services.

Can I manage my policies with you online?

Although Holman Insurance Services is available to our clients to advocate for their needs, you can also manage your policies online through 95% of our carriers directly.

What states are you able to do business in?

Holman Insurance Services is licensed to do business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Is there really a difference between one insurance company and another?

Price and coverage are what most people think of first when comparing insurance companies. What many people don’t know is that many carriers offer services, products, or incentives exclusive to their clients. Incentives can include no coastal restrictions for a home owner’s policy if your home is located at the shore, or full car replacement if your vehicle is totaled in an accident.

Holman Insurance Services understands each carrier and their differentiators and then works with each client to fit them with the carrier that can best service their needs. With over 100 carriers, we are able to custom fit our clients with policies that fit their lifestyle.

How did Holman get into the personal lines insurance business?

As a major dealership group, Holman Automotive continuously works to provide new services to our customers. Founded in 2016, Holman Insurance Services was the next step in offering added value to the customers who walk through our dealership doors. It has always been one of Holman’s core values to “Exceed Customer Expectations.” Being an insurance advocate for our clients is firmly aligned with those values.

Not only can we review our clients’ current coverages when they come into a dealership, we can compare it to multiple carriers and find them a custom fit policy. That is the Holman way.

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